Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buttmunchers forever!!!

Yesterday night was another all nighter, literally didn't sleep. I had an assignment to finish off. But it did give me a chance to chat to my lover! I got a message the other day from my mum, "Adek, aisha's leaving on the 3rd with her dad".

And I promise you I teared. It's weird I know. I'm not there anyway, but the thought of going back and not having her there is weird beyond belief. It's like Dubai's going to be empty.
But I wish her all the luck and love in the world on her journey into a new chapter of her life. I'm going to miss her even more than I have everyday that I've been away.

Muchachu, have fun! Be strong! I'm always here no matter the time of day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A new discovery!!

Ok the rest of you might think I'm a bit of a retard for not having found out about this earlier. But in my defense... who did I really need to video call?

Yes, thats right, this weekend, I discovered the art of a video calling! Don't you give me those looks!
So I decided to call the one person I hadn't seen in about 10 months and also I was dying to see! [Believe me, with the reactions when he picked up the phone, I can say the feeling was quite mutual] And anyway, I was meant to phone him. So decided to kill 2 birds with one stone!

We spoke for about 2 hours. And the fun we had! SERIOUSLY! We would've webcam-ed earlier except SOME people have Macs and so cant webcam with us normal Windows people. So you can just imagine the excitement! I met the people that were over at his house, his mum too - which made me squeal a little, coz I was SO not expecting to say hi to his mum. He just went: *turns phone* Mum, say hi to Raudhah. I was like *choke* oh hello!
He was finally able to meet my cousins that I keep talking so much about. And were they amused at him being on the phone! And this is what came out of that conversation: -

Told you he was excited

At 6am, we were both quite tired by then. But neither wanted to put the phone down, so we put the phones on the bed and lay there talking.

Stories along a princess highway

So last weekend, and pretty much all of last week, was spent at Jin's place.
Jin - for those who dont already know - is an ex-Farrer soldier boy, who also coincidentally happened to live in Dubai 15 years ago, and whose parents know mine. Small world much?
He has become a rock in my life. Someone there to always turn to. And no matte what the problem, he will always have a way to cheer me up - random youtube vids - and will always be there. This weekend, his friends were added to my list of friends I consider dear to me. They climbed up the list past people I'd known for
longer. Well Done Boys!

So after friday night - Emily's 21st bash - we went back to their place and after many hours of chatting, stayed the night. Walked back the next day in my dress, jin's shirt, heels holding my clutch and a plastic bag. Random?! Yes it was. I felt like the whore-from-the-night-before. That night, Ems and I returned t
o their place for the sake of chilling, and spent the night again, woke up the next day, showered there, went to their football match, had a bbq, then a cake and ice cream celebration for our Mei Li.

Stayed the night AGAIN, and the next day I got up early to go to class. Mon, Tues & Wed were spent in my own room - the one I hadnt seen in over 4 days. Then Thursday night, after studying at the lib, we decided to take a half hour walk to get to McD's, and everyone had gone hyper by then, so we only slept at 5am, I woke up in a stupor 5 hours later to go to my site visit.

And although I didn't get much sleep the whole past week, new friends were made, I realised that even people you would never think of could brighten up your day even without them knowing.

So, here's a BIG THANK YOU [UBER MUCHOS] to the boys who entertained and put up with me! You guys made my week!

Jason & Jin on the pornstar bed - satin sheets and all

Emily & Jin - this is a girl does to a boy playing PS2 when bored

And this is what she does to her girlfriends.

Jason - rearrangin his room at 5am, as was Jin
Desmond - after McD's waiting for the cab

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When you want to go home

There are always times when you want to go home, especially when home is so far away, when you haven't been back in awhile, when you know people will be missing when you get there, when where you are right now is just not a place you want to be.

This is one of those times.

A time where my heart aches for the people I grew up with, those who were there with me in times of tears and joy, those who'll just hug me when they don't know what to say, those who sit on the phone for hours on end in silence just to make sure I was ok.

I'll be home in about 6 weeks, and yet the closer home gets, the more I yearn to be there.

You all know who you are. I miss you all with all of my heart and soul.
Thank you for all the support, love, hugs and kisses over the years.
My life would be empty without you.

Can't wait to see you.