Friday, January 18, 2008

First month of the year...

Once again, this update is well overdued! I have been excessively busy. I dont actually know with what. Things just keeping me busy...friends, family.

Lets start with December 2007: -

Most people were back by then which was VERY NICE! Met up with a few friends who I havent seen since graduation. Had a bad experience at Chandelier but now we have all learnt our lessons. Spent alot of time with Duncan coz he's only back for a very short time. Went to the beach at ngiht ALOT! Now he's gone back to Perth and I miss him SOOO much! Dunc, u better be hauling your ass back here by the end of this month!

Memorable moment of the last month of the year: meeting those amazing people with whom I am now good friends. We went on a mission to set up 2 friends. Our mutual friend set up a time for us all to meet each other. We went to Shu, had some dinner, some shisha..then headed off to the beach for a little chillout sesh. For the next couple of weeks, we literally went out every other day. Introduced to some VERY nice shisha places...CITYPORTT!!! They're all amazing people, my new friends. On one of nights out, a couple of my high school friends came along. One of them was quite shocked to realise that we'd all only known each other for 5 days. It really doesnt seem like that. I feel like I've known them for a VERY long time. We all get along very well masha'allah! They're all very chilled out. Cowkies and I are also learning alot more about the culture and the ways of the people..mostly the guys..of the country that we've basically grown up in.

Cowkies n i went off to RAK for a part beaching trip. Dads had a golf game, so we went with my mummy and Mak Biah to explore. Found the beach... VERYYY nice! but damn effin cold! so dint actually get to tan. BUT did get some piccies..Also, had a bbq with fam at home and a steamboat dinner. Went to the x-games with nooners, my hot white chick and co.

*Cowkies n i - RAK beach*

*nooners n i*

*at football match - rams, naim, afiqah, cowkies n i*

January is on its way....