Wednesday, May 17, 2006

for chinka...

well here's another one.
the day is dawning upon us chinka...yes the final day that we have to do a CHEMISTRY HIGH SCHOOL EXAM!!!!
how COOL is that?!!
well, so far the exams have been okay. no TOTAL disasters yet. though there have been a few WTF?! but what would exams be without those? (unless of course you're super genius!!!)
there has been this scary calmness thats envelopped me. i'm not joking. like i dont freak out when we're just about to go in anymore... is that a good thing or a bad thing?? the countdown to graduation and prom begins...
strangely enough, i'm more excited about going back to singapore!!! YAY!!! seriously cannot wait for that moment to get on the plane. it seems like forever since i've been on a plane. god, i miss everyone back home. i miss the cuzs out in aussie even more! havent seen them in 2 little tuntun.. i think of you all the time.

right. need to go and study. but had to do a quickie for chinka..not like chinka gonna read it till after the exams neway dont know why i bother. argh!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


OMG!!! no more bio. no more maths. its over. i dont have to integrate and freaking differentiate another equation again!!! YAY!!!
but also im praying for no more sleepless nights! i feel like a zombie right now.

me anfd aisha finally went to the gym today after a week. and rica (one of the personal trainers) came over and asked us to go for the weight lifting class. and i of course. thinking, oh yeah coz ive done this before, i can just add a few more kgs on my pole. YEAH !RIGHT! i now cannot feel my arms! though that is a feeling i cherish because it means ive worked out! YAY!! and the sleepless nights led to me getting red eyes at the gym after the shower! I NEVER GET RED EYES! even after not sleeping for a whole week. so this time i dont know what wrongs with me!!

but damn aisha. red and grey were not present! ARGH!!

am going to sleep. i think my brain has already started to shut down. byezzzzzz

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

my piczo.

yes well ppl. one day j'etait bored and i made a piczo. so now u ppl can sign it!

okidoki?! thnx!! *mwah*

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

first one done

hi all. ok finished one exam this morning. now i won't sleep for two days straight man! argh!!
it was okay today's. a little confused at the beginning but alright.

ok if anyone is wondering, the other member is aisha. my friend/sister from dubai here. hehe. i think she will open her own one but this can also be done if she wants. yup yup.

orite everyone. short one today. pray for me for tom and the day after and the day after. then i have a week off!

i get it now

Hello! Eh I finally get this man. Not bad seh. Anyway was just trying out this thing. Ok lah. Ciao!

Luv ch0c0late c0ws xoxox

Monday, May 01, 2006

its gone now...

its all over. our high school days are over. okay to update. we had our last day of school last monday! it was so sad! the past two years were years where we got to really know one another and know ourselves. also, those of you who think teachers are evil, well they are. but you also get to know the good side of them. i've become friends with a lot of mine. they treat you like studetns and as friends. its amazing.

none of us felt like crying and we didnt think we were gonig to, because it really didn't feel like THE last day. but i of course had my moments. i was happy and sad. we were all going around signing shirts, hugging everyone, going crazy (but we had to control ourselves because apparently the ministry had come to visit the school). and i was happy, it was exciting. but then i went to english class and my teacher who ive known for a good 5 years decided to give each one of us pressies! and i was like OMG how amazing! and then i opened the card and read the message and then i started crying. this is what it said:
" To Raudhah, ...whose compassion and humour are gifts to the world."

and if that wasnt enough she put a quote: "The pursuit of perfection, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light...He who works for sweetness and light united, works to make reason and the will of God prevail."
she's so sweet!! and then the final assembly came! we were all so pumped up. then our head boy and girl went up to give their 'speech' and it was so sad. the teachers did a dancing skit for us. finally the final words. that was when most of us started sobbing and tearing. then we were let out, and the floodgates opened!! even the ppl who said they weren't going to cry cried!

so for any of you still in school. ENJOY IT! enjoy school, the people and the teachers! and take LOADS and LOADs of pictures!