Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love isn't as strong as everybody says.
It doesn't affect the decisions people make like we see in movies.
Sometimes love isn't enough.

Or well, it isn't for some people.

And the rest, well they suffer.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Everyday Lessons!

So here are a some things I've learnt in the past month: -
1. Moving SUCKS!
2. Putting together furniture [even an office chair] ALWAYS goes a lot better when someone helps.
3. Gloves are VERY useful in the winter [Emily]
4. You CAN still break something playing touch rugby. LOL. Even if it's just a finger.
5. Time differences SUCK even more than I previously thought.
6. Girlfriends read EVERYTHING. Learning to be more careful and discreet.
7. If I get tonsilitis one more time in the next 4 months, out they come :S
8. Always have a backup in case your Creative Zen [or similiar] go wonky on the train ride to uni.

9. Emily is DAMN perasan sometimes, but we love her anyway. Case & Point:
raudhah says:
you are a genius!
em says:
LOL i know i know don't have to keep reminding me

10. ALWAYS ALWAYS ensure that one has transferred money into one's account before furniture-buying.
11. The brighter the morning, the HIGHER the risk of rain in the day. [Learnt only after being drenched twice]
12. Chloe is ALWAYS hungry. And constantly pee-ing. But also CUTE!
13. Friends are for stealing movies and tv series' off of! SUCH an advantage.
14. Blogging is for when I'm TRULY bored.

I hope everyone has had a truly educational month =D