Tuesday, November 20, 2007

so far...

Here's the update so far...
Still totally jetlagged, and on Melbourne time. I've been sleeping at 9pm and waking up at 5 or 6. Not the greatest thing in the world. Yesterday I managed to stay up until 12midnight. GO ME! Got back. Didnt sleep till the nighttime..trying to force my body into adjusting..obviously didn't work. Went to surprise Cowkies (she thought I was only getting back in two weeks), she basically jumped on me and was screaming her head off. Hehe. It's nice to know I was missed and am still loved.

The next couple of days..just chilled with the rents.

Yesterday, went to MOE to watch a movie with N and W. N had to leave, so W and I stayed back and talked. We still couldn't believe that we were sitting across from each other and within touching distance. Talked and had coffee for 2 hours or so. Then dropped me off at home. It was sooo AMAZING seeing N and W. Missed them!!!

THis morning, took a walk along the beach with mum. SO nice to see the beach again. So blue and clear. Walked by the water..sooo cooling when I got splashed. Can't wait to chill there properly. Drove home and planted a few of the plants we bought...to put on the balcony. Now its all pimped out. LOL.

Plan for today: May go and have a chillout sesh with Cowkies if not will go chill with rents outside somewhere.

OVer and out.

Friday, November 16, 2007


The time has finally come..I arrived back in Dubai today at 5:30am. After a gruelling 14 hours on a plane and a 2 hour layover...the plane landed and my excitement climaxed. It hadn't really sunk in that I was returning home after so long..but once I saw the lights, it was hard not to squeal with happiness (that might've gotten a number of reactions from the people around me).

Reached my parents and literally jumped them. It was amazing to see them again. Got home. Jumped on my sisters while they were sleeping. Thank god no one got a heart attack. Went for breakfast and now sitting waiting for dinner...to surprise a special person who got a little pissed yesterday night especially after hearing I was only going to be back in two weeks. Oh, the love.

The last couple of days at uni were amazing but sad too. After the first one left, they started dropping like flies; with the last having the most effect on me. To that certain someone: though it was short, it was the best. You reminded me of my life before uni, of my friends, of the closeness between friends that I was used to but was deprived of at uni. Thank you for giving me the best months of the end of my first year. I'll miss you.

The last night I spent with a group of people at uni turned out to be quite amazing. Was very happy at the end of the night. For those leaving us this sem: - I'll miss you. For the rest of you: - here's to a great 2008!!

Brett, Alya n I

Mike n I

Dean and I