Friday, May 15, 2009


The past couple of days have been just a dream.
Today it's Musa's birthday. The 14th of May. Today he turns a year older. But for us, his birthday celebration started last night. We decided since today was a day that he should spend with friends, we would have dinner last night.

So off we went to Atlantis. I treated him to dinner since it was after all his birthday. We both got nice and dressed up, and for the first time I successfully curled my own hair (be proud em, be proud). On the way, I blindfolded him, with his own tie because I forgot the blindfold. When we got onto Palm Jumeirah, he took the blindfold off and it took him about 5 mins to realize where we were, and got really excited. Anyway, we had an amazing dinner. Stuffed. I could barely move after that. The whole time we were eating we just had so much fun. And I couldn't stop thinking how lucky I was.

Two hours and ALOT of food later, we met up with a few people to celebrate something else. Not the point of this post of course. And totally confidential. LOL. At midnight, he turned a year older. Everyone sang for him. And he got a few kisses from me. We were in public. Not very big PDA people. Just after midnight I drove him to a friend's place to stay over.

This morning we met up, had breakfast with Ramizah, Sandra and Al Hassan (whose birthday it also was today! ). Mugg & Bean. AMAZING breakfast. Amazing and HUGE. But it was nice. The birthday boys got a slice of cheescake and we all stuffed their faces.

The rest of the day him & I just spent together. We were meant to go to the beach with everyone else, but plans got changed. And he was already at my place, we both crashed on the couches downstairs. My mum thought we'd both died coz we were so silent. Then he went home.

Baby, I hope you enjoyed yesterday & today. I know at least you were full ALL THE TIME :P
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May Allah grant you all your wishes and bless you always.
And can I just say, thank you for being the most amazing guy I've ever met. Patient. Loving. Cuddly!

I love you, Musa George Guthrie Aballe Haxton Jr. xxx

Saturday, May 09, 2009

May Wishes

So much has happened in the past few weeks. Good mostly. The couple weird/mind fuck moments. But other than that. GOOD :D

So we've got the month of May now. Bout halfway. First and foremost:
This time last year we'd just started talking after a month of MIA-ness. And we were closer then ever. But this day had to be spent with both of us on either side of the world. This year however, I got to sit in the sweltering heat in a dress, heat so hot I was sweating at the back of my knees. Not good sweating people. BAD sweating. But we all sucked it up. I got to spend the whole day and night with this special person. And the whole of the next day. In a KFC, his car, on highways, many many petrol stations and a water theme park! But it was all worth it. Because this day only comes around once in this boy/man's life. And this is day is the day he turns...wait for it...24! LOL. You've been there every step of the past year and a half we've known each other. Met in the most random of circumstances, fought, screamed, laughed - SHITLOADS -, shisha-ed, huggie-d, session-ed. We've done it all haven't we hun? This is all a week overdue, but in my defense I spent the first two days of the new year with you. SOOO...

(a.k.a E.B, Fling Poop, The FLAME, Sex Symbol)

Also, the rest of this month holds many many more important birthdays:
Bik Purah
Jagna (sorry I missed the dinner!)
Duncan (a.k.a my hot white chick! glad I got to at least spend last year with you in Perth)
Abg Etam
Abg Arf
So to all of you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated & in advance)

P.S. Finally got to Dubai Mall today. Too big, too crowded, shitty carpark design, too branded, too confusing. X-ed for now. Or maybe just X-ed on Friday nights.