Sunday, December 27, 2009

After a few days of running around, I finally got to stay home tonight! I sound like a grandma I know, but seriously, we've been out EVERY night trying to meet people before we leave.
Tonight, the kids from Aussie came to stay over. We had an AMAZING Korean BBQ. So nice. And so full.
Now as I check my email, they're all lying on the mattresses in front of the TV watching 40 Year Old Virgin. Either asleep or quickly on their way there. Even the brother-in-law is lying half asleep on the floor. Everyone is satisfied and full. SUCCESS.
In all the excitement, no one remembered to take any pictures. LOL.

Tomorrow, we're going to Kak Farah's place for lunch - Kak Maya will be there TOO! - then dinner at Auntie Azizah's. Being fed by a famous restauranteur - very excited! Will try my hardest to take picturesss! Will post a couple on here, and the rest on facebook! :)

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas Eve & Day! Had dinner with Aunt Sally & Stacy last night at Secret Kitchen. An intimate dinner. Loved it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just got back from Bali. A beautiful beautiful place with the most amazing food in the world. We stayed at a hotel just across the road from Kuta Beach, a different setting to the first time we went years ago. It was simply gorgeous. There's no other way to describe it. The weather was warm during the day but the breeze in the morning and at night by the pool made up for all of it.
The food was sooo scrumptious. So spicy that your body screams in pain but it's so delicious you just can't stop.

I of course was unable to go surfing or swimming for all of the holiday. GRR. Always happens when we go for a beach holiday. But it's okay, because then there would be no one to take pictures. So I was the official camera man for the holiday. Which is the reason there aren't very many pictures of myself -_-

The people were so friendly it made me want to cry at times. They have such an optimistic way about themselves even in times of hardship. They're always smiling and so unbelievably polite and loving. A special thanks to Nardi for showing us the loveliest time and to his family who were so sweet.

All in all, an incredible holiday and a fantastic way to celebrate our 3 day wedding fiasco that we pulled off without a hitch. Everything went so smoothly. If I were to say there wasn't any panic, I'd be lying, but every obstacle thrown our way we beat down with a large bat.

To everyone who attended the wedding events, a huge thank you. We appreciate every single person that came to celebrate with us. A very very special thanks to the families, on Mum & Dad's sides. We really couldn't have done it without you and frankly, it wouldn't have been as fun.

A HUMUNGOUS thank you to Fatimah and her crew - I can honestly say NOTHING would have happened the way it did if it weren't for your professionalism, your caring manner and your attention to detail and to the bride & groom. We'll definitely look you up in the future and keep in touch until then.

Finally, a GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS to the newly married couple - Arfian Abu & Radiah Rizal - I wish you all the love, happiness, rolling on the floor laughter & an infinite number joyfully married years. I love you both YAARRR :)

Dubai in 8 days :)