Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last weeks in dxb..

The last few weeks that I spent in Dubai were those which I will remember forever. I've told many people already, but this was probably my best ever summer(winter?) holiday. The things I experienced in the past 2 months cannot be compared to anything else. The good, the bad, the best and the worst. The memories I'll have of this winter will stay with me forever.

First off, lets start with the family.
I loved spending all that time with the family. Ayah took a week off work the week I was leaving which meant sooo much to me. Couldn't really believe that he did that. I spent so much time with him and my mum. My sisters were around here and there, and I got to chill with them as well. Having to repack my suitcase was NOT the best thing in the world. I left that to the very last day. Packed everything within an hour or so. We also celebrated Kak Diah's b'day together, for the first time in about 7 years. It was GORRGEOUS!!!

The b'day girl with parents....

3R's...reunited again
Aisha –
like always, even 3 months wasn't enough. We spent my last weekend in dxb with a nice girls Valentine’s night…cha, me, sil, nur, azza & fareeha. Spent the night at her place and did our tradition of 3am manakeesh, except this time sil came along and we RAN back. And oh, that night had so many memories…the observing, the over-mentioning of certain people. But we all had a good laugh. I’ve also reaslised that when I go back next, she may not be there. I can’t bear that thought. Since we were young, we made plans…to go to uni together, get married together and our children will be besties. But reality sinks in and we know that sometimes the things we plan isn’t exactly how life turns out. Cha, good luck for exams!!! Rock them beb!!

Valentine's with the girls - free, me, sil, aisha, azza & nur Us + Kak Diah's leg - at Chocolate Factory Us on CNY dinner
The then-new-now-close friends –
I met some new people last winter…under some very strange circumstances. We were all pretty much thrown together, and yet the chemistry was just there. I clicked with one the girls especially…she’s become someone who I trust and can always count on to be there when I need her, even when I’m halfway across the world. She’s become closer than I would’ve ever imagined. The only guy that usually comes out with us girlies also became an amazing friend. Even halfway across the world from them, they still ask me for advice as if I were still back home.

Pictures say a thousand words…so enjoy…

My last night - e.b, sil & i

V'day - Sil n I

Sil, Israa, Rahma & E.b.

Irna, Aisha & I - our yearly reunion!

Shal, Noonie & I - Chandelier on Marina Walk

Last night - azza, aisha, minhoo, tony, me & fareeha