Sunday, April 16, 2006

the first

hi everyone.
ok have finally decided to get a proper blogspot. have so many unfinished ones. well this is a final. no worries bout that.
for those who dont know me. i'm not going to give personal details (unless you ask)...don't want to get killed and stalked by weirdo net freaks!! but anyway, am in my final year of IB (international baccalaureate). gradutaing on the 1st and will have prom (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then back home for the summer.

its been a long awaited graduation. but as it draws near, its really sad to think about. especially for someone who has literally grown up with my friends. and i feel like im too young to be graduating. i've always watched the seniors walk their last steps on the stage, present themselves for the final time in front of their friends, their teachers. it always seemed like they were so much older. to think that in a couple of weeks, i should be doing the same thing. its scary!
we tried on our gowns the other day. until that moment, the reality of graduating didn't really sink.

this last year. our entire grade has gone through this bonding thing. even the teachers noticed! gone are the cliques, the "cool" and the "nerds". its amazing. we're all friends. every single one. there isnt that border which separates each group of friends from the other as there was when we were even a year younger.

its saddest to leave the atmosphere that i've grown so familiar with. of course, everyone cheers on leaving school. but if you think about it, its just the prospect of leaving homework, sitting in classes for hours on end, getting up every morning. HELLLOOO!!!! are we all mad??!! we are cheering on the fact that we are going to uni. guess what uni is??!!! THE EXACT SAME THING!!! how stupid are we??!

however, we must face the facts that in a year or less. we wil all be on our way to our careers (except for those evil ppl who decided to take a gap year and watch the rest of us suffer while you sit under the sun or are travelling!!)
oh well. its exciting and it closes a chapter of our lives and holds the beginning to another! god, how cliched was that!!