Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Last

I've decided this blog's time has come. 

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Monday, June 07, 2010

A hello from Sydney! 
It's been a really amazing couple of days! Never been anywhere with just the little sister before. Never stayed at a hotel alone before. A lot of firsts. But good firsts! It was sunny the first day here, rained all day yesterday. Today's a bit gloomier, but it's pretty none the less. I'm currently staying at the Manly Paradise Beachfront Motel & Apartments which is literally across the road from the beach! The waves are sensational! Of course it's too cold to go anywhere near the water. But there are surfer boys doing what they do best, regardless of the cold: surfing and being eye-candy for girls like me :)

The View from my Room

Went yesterday to get a few things for Ramizah's room. A printer, some shoes, and all the things that I brought for her from Melbourne. To get to the city and back, you have to go on a ferry. I call it the Ferry Ride of Death. It's fine until you get to the swells and then you literally feel like your heart is going to pop out of your chest. It's not scary, but everytime the ferry goes over a swell, you get these butterflies. I clutched on to Ramizah with her laughing at me during the swell-y time. 

Dinner last night with Ramizah's friends. All very friendly. Have the tick of big sister approval! She's off at uni now. I'm sitting in my room, attempting to get some work done. Went for a walk this morning and took more pictures. Clearly, work is not progressing as much as I'd like it to. But I will not give up! The plan is to get more work done before Ramizah comes down for dinner and chilling. Because l's be real here, once that happens, the chances of any work getting done is unbelievably slim. 

On the Ferry Ride of Death. 

Back to Melbourne tomorrow! 

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yes I realise it has been almost a month since I last updated. But that's how busy I've been. Assignments have ruled my life for the past 3 weeks. But as of Monday this week, I am assignment-free! And it seems that my entire BND class has decided to use this week to do nothing and celebrate the end of the craziness. 

I thought I would too, until I realised I have so many other things going on from now until exams that I can't afford a whole week off. But I am going karaoke-ing with them tomorrow! Or rather I will be the photographer as they all sing their hearts out. Pictures of people singing is always funny. 

In other news, I'm going to Sydney on Saturday!! WOOTS! To see the little sister. Ensure that she is alright, help her buy a few more uni things and to chill! I already went to today to buy the Korean noodles she's asked me for. Baby sister being a baby sister. Once in awhile they need to feel pampered by their older siblings. This is one of those times. 

Okay, back to studying! Will update again when procrastination kicks in.