Sunday, February 28, 2010

Been back in Melbourne for a few days now. The jetlag is not wearing off. Not one bit. So I'm asleep when everyone is awake and I'm awake at the weirdest hours of the night. The weather has been quite good. A little gloomy but the temperature has been realllyyyy good. Well below 30. And there's wind and everything. I realise in a couple of months I'll be complaining about how my fingers and toes are falling off :P

Uni officially starts tomorrow. But not for me!!! I start on Tuesday. And yes, it sounds like such a petty thing to be excited about, but I've never NEVER had a day off in all my years at uni. So I will be as excited as heck to have Mondays off.

Housemates all arrive back tomorrow afternoon, so I'll move back in then. Moving back in all alone would have been depressing. So excited to see them again. Must definitely take a heck of a lot more housematey pictures.

Alright, off to make a little snack & fresh juice

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So it's almost 5am here in Singapore. Can't sleep because jetlag is taking its toll. But that alright, if I'm super tired tomorrow I can fall asleep on the plane. Hopefully not at the hairdressers beforehand tho. Disaster.

Didn't blog at all my entire time in Dubai. But thats a good sign. Was having a brilliant time. Also means this one's going to be a long one. Really got close to some new people and closer to old friends. Ate so much food I reckon I'm set for the year. Hurt like hell to leave all the people and the family of course. Time does not make it easier to leave home. It hurts just the same every single time. Obviously not the bawling baby I was the very first trip away, but still. Always keep reminding myself that it makes me a stronger person, insha'Allah.

Anyway... really excited for a certain someone and what the future holds!!! Boy, I want full updates no matter what happens! Don't leave me squirming in my chair for too long! Praying that everyone has an amazing year and many many more to come. And that you guys take care of yourselves and each other until I'm back :)

I really appreciated the 3 people I spent the most time with outside of the family in my last 2 weeks. They have the most beautiful souls in the world. So happy, caring, honest & most of all, loving. They really made my holiday as complete as it could have ever been. Constantly there for me regardless of the time that I've known them...years, weeks. I miss you guys more than you can ever imagine. I'm so grateful that I got to spend all that time with you guys. Can't wait till I see ya'll again!!!

The family was amazing, as usual. No one could replace them and the love they have for us in their hearts. Never ever underestimate the importance of family. Cherish it with every fibre of your being. Cry when you need to, laugh whenever you can, talk things out, scream things out. Whatever it is, they're always there for you. They love you AND your flaws. Parents do everything and anything for their children. We are who they think of first when they make any decisions, when they wake up in the morning, when they eat dinner. We're always on their minds. Do we treat them with the same special treatment? Do we always act so selflessly? Thank you Ayah & Ibu for everything you've ever done for us. For sacrificing so much for us. Never in my life would we ever trade you for anyone else. You've raised us to be amazing children. We love you unconditionally and would do anything for you. We'll be there for you no matter what you decide because it's about time we start sacrificing for you.

With a day left before flying to Melbourne, I get a little nauseous inside every time I think about going back to my life there. I love my friends, uni, my apartment, but nothing could ever be better than being at home with family. Being all alone at home feels so different to being all alone at home in Melbourne. A different kind of loneliness sets in. A different silence. One that makes you ache. But I went there to study and experience as many things as possible, and by God, that's what I'm going to do.