Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today belongs to a woman who takes up all of my heart and who I will never be able to repay for everything she's done for me. That's right. Today, today my mum turns a year older. And also turns the Big Five Oh. So Mummy Mushu, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for always being there for me. I couldn't ask for anything more. You've loved me regardless of what stupid decision I've made. You're my best friend in the whole world, the one person I tell everything to, even things you don't always want to hear. We laugh together, we cry together, we bitch together...what else can a girl ask for? Even when I'm so far away, you're always there. Even through my crazy phases, my vegetarian phase, my no fast food phase, my no carbs phase; you put up with all of that. In fact, you were probably quite amused. Hehe.
I love you with all of my heart! Thank you for everything! I hope one day to be an amazing mother to my children just like you are to us!
See you soon! 2 weeks beybeh!

Also, a belated Happy Birthday to:
Ayah - 53! WOOHOO! Love you!
My twin - Welcome to the 20's bacha!
Kak Ina - Welcome to the 30's. Hehehe.
Fairuz - Oh gracious you can legally drive.

Gosh, October's full.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A 'Girls' Night

After a week at the boys' place, we decided we needed a girls' night. And the boys were quite happy about the idea.
So Em & I started off our day with a trip to Vic Market - shopping for everyone back home. Then, we went to get the essentials for the night ahead. With the face masks, nail polish, lavender essential oil & the burning of Yantra incense through the house...we basically sissy-fied the boys in that house. They didn't complain one bit. We're so proud *beams*

Emily getting the face mask - like a little girl in the aisle
Jin getting massaged
Emily sissy-fying her boyfriend
Annabelle (the newest addition to the house) putting the face mask on her boyfriend [Josh]
After she got hers on, this was the result
The boys & girl with their masks (Desmond, Jason, Arnold, Belle, Josh)


So much for keeping my blog constantly updated. Well with the assignments, all-nighters, and exams coming up, I'm a little excused. The past week, Em and I have been living at Jin's place, just because it's more convenient. We'd study until midnight then crash at their place, and do it all over again the next day. Despite all the studying though, we managed to watch my first (and the MOST AMAZING) musical: WICKED at Regent's Theatre.

Here are the pics:

Flopping my hair upside down - to get it looking less flat

The new & super cute couple - Jason & Emily

Our brother (sister?) getting dressed

Us at the Regent's - Emily, Jason, Arnold, Jin & I

Jin & I - on the way back home (notice my super sparkly earring?! *beams)

The boys getting a bit frisky on the train

The essential cam-whore picture