Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a review

So as most ppl have mentioned, I somewhat disappeared off the face of the Earth. well i've been busy...SERIOUSLY!

ok so let's backtrack to before the start of summer.

there was one day which i'm sure will stay in many of our minds forever...the 1st June 2006!
yes, this was the day where events took place which officially concluded our high school experience and set us off into the outside world - whether we wanted to or not.
everyone looked forward to this day, the day we graduated, but somehow when the ceremony proceeded, many of us suddenly didn't want it all to end so quickly. I was one of them. I wanted everything to go in slow motion suddenly. i had finally realised, in front of my parents, friends and teachers, that i would never have to step into school again against my will. I realised that after 13 years, I would be leaving behind the routine that I was so accustomed to. I would be leaving my second home of 13 years - EIS!!
that was scary to finally know. and as the ceremony came to an end, eyes started filling up with tears, and then the final sentence came "Will the Class of 2006 please rise?"
Emotion filled the theatre, from our parents to our teachers and to us, the graduates on stage.
We then went to take our final photos as a grade, and as we threw our caps into the air, turned, hugged and tears fell. But oh boy, were we happy!!!

Moving on, we all rushed home (especially the girls) to get ready for the night that we had as a grade, fought about, discussed and planned. PROM NIGHT!!
So I went home, showered, changed and left again to the hairdressers. Ok so those of you who know me know that I have unbelievably straight hair that nothing can be done to. I told the woman there and she was like ...yup, CURLERS!!!
I must say I was excited...first time and all. Once the curlers were put she put that astronaut thing on my head and left me for 45mins. After awhile, my ears started burning and I was sitting there praying for her to come bk before I turned crispy.
She took them out, and I looked like one of those victorian girls..ringlets up to my ears. My chocked face obviously forced her to assure me that they would drop but that clips needed to be put in so that they dont drop too much before the actual prom thing.
Finally, after putting on my make-up and dressing, I was ready to go...hehe.
Went to Amy's house where we were all meeting to get the limos...(kudos to your mum Amy for the amazing walkway!!)
Millions of pictures were taken...at the house, the limo, the hotel..
Prom was amazing, all the grade meetings (if thats what you can call them) paid off. Everyone had a blast. I even danced.. which is btw a big WOW coz I never do but I promised 2 guys a dance and at the end everyone danced and didnt give a damn!
The after party led us bk to Amy's...it was exclusive and it was AMAZING!

Though only a small group was there, it was great. Chilled out, we just relaxed and had really a good time (including the tattooing and the unexpected events that occured ... those who were there know what i'm talking bout).
FInally at 6am, we decided to make a move...but we had to sleep in the car first, for reasons that cant be explained..ahem. Alia and I decided to go on home so we flagged a cab and It hink he thought we were pissed drunk or something. we were holding our shoes, bags ear rings..we still had our dresses on and our make-up was not exactly perfect. but it was fun.

Finally home, I was too tired to unzip myself so I fell asleep on the sofa and waited for my mum to get home (she went to pick up my sis from the airport) and before waking me she video taped me sleeping. god I looked STUPID!!!

then I showered, ate breakfast and literally slept the rest of the day!

All in all, it was the BEST, all i ever thought prom would be and more. I loved it.