Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back from Brisbane and as brown as ever! Yeah I realise I've probably said that a million times over already, but I'm so happy. 6 days of tanning, no burning and a beautiful olive brown! I LOVE QUEENSLAND! 
We did so much travelling though. To which I owe Garnet the world. Late nights, really early mornings! But naps on the beach of course helped heaps! It was so sunny the whole time I was there. Rained the very last day, I took it as a goodbye from Brissy. We met some wonderful people during our trip and I met Garni's amazing friends. So friendly and just make you as comfortable as if they'd known you for years! And kudos to Dan for his famous curry dip! 
Back to uni. Not super happy about it. But oh well. Part and parcel of life isn't it. 

Before & after - glazed like turkeys and proud of it!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I've told myself for weeks now that I MUST remember to turn back my phone and my room clock back an hour the day I go to Brisbane, because that's when daylight savings ends and we gain an hour. Which means that I would've gotten an extra hour to sleep. 

But somehow, in my exhausted state yesterday, all that went out the window. And here I am, 5:20am in the morning, dressed and ready to go...and still have another hour before having to leave for the airport. Ridiculous! 
I'm mostly annoyed because an extra hour would have helped A LOT. Especially since I haven't been sleeping well. 

Will just have to sleep on the plane and in the bus on the way to the airport. 

Upside? In about 5 hours, I will be in Brisbane with Garnet!!! So exciteddd! Pictures galore.