Monday, July 13, 2009

Cold All Over Again

Back in Melbourne once again. And of course coming from the freaking HOT city that is Dubai, I'm FREEZING. Not so much when I'm inside but jeez, when I step outside, I feel like my nose is about to fall off. To make things MUCH better, I went up to Mount Buller with the auntie, uncle & cousins. And it was -2 degrees. So much snow everywhere. About 10 minutes after we got to the top, it started to snow!! DO YOU KNOW EXCITED I WAS!!!!! Sure, I've been up in the snow a few times, but I've never been there when it was actually snowing!

Half an hour later, my excitement for snow had died. Because of one thing = WIND. When wind and snow mix, it feels like a million little tiny bullets are shooting at your face. It hurts ok. I got tiny little scratches on my cheek and on my hand [i have no clue how i got the one on my hand since I had gloves on, but DEF a snow cut]. AND YES, snowflakes are able to inflict cuts and pain upon people. First hand experience here. Also, the entire time, my face felt a bit like it had botox injected all over it. Well, what I think botox probably feels like. Then once you go inside, your cheeks and face start to thaw...AND TINGLE. Not pleasant tingling, tingling thats on the verge of pain.

Kak Ina & I

BUT all in all, AN AMAZING WEEKEND. The best way to adapt myself back to the cold methinks. LOL.