Monday, March 29, 2010

1 day until presentation. 3 days until Easter break. 6 days until Brisbaneee!!! So excited!

Finally, after living [excluding Dubai] in the same country for close to 4 years, I'm going to see Garnet in Brisbane! When we first went off to uni, we were so excited that we would be in the same country, we were going to visit each other all the time. Every break! Yeah..that didn't happen. We both had our different lives I guess. But I think over the last winter break, we became so much closer and we've been so good at keeping in touch. Weekly calls, msn chats, skype. And NOW, a holiday!! 

It took sooo much to plan this one week trip. We realised what douches rentals places could be. We realised that our planning skills are quite amazing. And we realised, msn chats are much better than phone calls..when planning trips which require a lot of talking and credit time :P

But now finally, the time has come! and in 6 days I shall be with Garni travelling, gossiping, embarking on many adventures and hopefully getting tanned [please please let the sun be out! just for the week!]

Now I need to prepare for my presentation tomorrow. The first of many to come this semester. Joy. 
Early morning wake up tomorrow. Hope it'll happen. 

Oh! And Turkish dinner tomorrow with my ethnic group people! WOOTs. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So the cooking class went quite smoothly. I only sliced my hand a couple of times but neither deep enough to draw blood. Thank God. We did all the different kinds of cuts and how to sharpen knives. I can proudly say that I am now an expert at sharpening knives with a steel rod. Just like the masterchefs *beams*. Thankfully, everyone was either too excited or really wanted to go home to take any pictures. However, my mum keeps asking for pictures. So I got back to my aunts and took a couple. Those of you who read this are lucky enough to see these pictures, for they will never go on facebook :)

Very Glamorous, I know.

Also, last night, Munster 2.0 had its housewarming. Em, Jace, Dee, Eunice & I went over for a couple of hours (so lovely to catch up with everyone! We must do it always!) So different without P and Jovan though. But the food was YUM [kudos to Yihaur for his awesome BBQ-ing skills & to Quinn for yummy avacado salad!] and the weather was perfect and the view was ORGASMIC. Their house has this amazing feature, their massive window in the living room, which goes from ceiling to floor completely opens up to the balcony. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Only a couple of pics because I was really not bothered.

Dee & Yihaur looking very happy

Me, Eunice, Em & Jace

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tomorrow, we have our first cooking class at Victoria Uni as part of our course. It's quite exciting. Proper huge kitchen and everything. We even have to wear the full chef's uniform. Hat, scarf and all. We're all going to look so glamorous. Hopefully pictures dont go flying all over Facebook. 
Must get to sleep now. Fear of sleeping in. Not finding the class. Not enough time to change. EEK. 
Nite all :)

All New Things

I've wanted to change the look of the blog for awhile now. And yesterday, I DID IT! :)
The only reason it took so long is simply that I am completely clueless about these things [Emily can totally confirm that]. So yesterday while adding the LuShae Jewellery badge, I decided might as well. The pink was getting on my nerves. And I found this one with the Gerbera on it. LOVEEEE Gerberas! PERFECTION.

So to continue with new things:
Uni has begun. Classes have been quite interesting. Putting future career into much more perspective. Starting to do more application. Yesterday in my last class, I thought back to my first year and how boring every single one of the classes were. How it would take so much effort to stay awake. But now, its just so interesting. We do more class activities, which probably helps with the no sleeping.

Along with all that, I've started to experience some REALLY strange dreams. Not just 'hmm, what was that?' kinda dreams. But full on, WHAT THE HELL?! Of the few people I've told, they have laughed, asked me to get out of their bed and basically now think I'm crazy. The most recent happened last night. I had a dream, I started to analyse the dream WHILE still dreaming (?!@!?!@ right?!) and then woke up because my brain probably realised something wasn't right. It was 6:30am and I couldn't fall back asleep. It was hilarious!

So, here's to more new things happening this year. Hopefully, a little more normal than the dreams. But nothing to normal, where's the excitement there? :)

I miss this weather. The blue sky, the sun.